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From House to House ministries was recently begun by John and Barbara Porter.  John and Barbara were both baptized as college students in the early 1980’s.  John was studying Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University and Barbara was a student at Harvard Law School.  After graduating, they entered the ministry in 1985.  Barbara was part of the Toronto church planting and John served as the leader of the church in Clemson, South Carolina. While still single, they went as missionaries to Mexico City in 1987 where they were married in 1988.  Shortly after their wedding, they moved to Sāo Paulo, Brazil to work with a newly planted church; they lived for a total of 9 years in Sāo Paulo, and both their children, Joseph (25) and Jacqueline (23), were born there.  They have served several churches in Florida and also lived in the Miami area for more than 10 years, training ministers and missionaries. After being in the traditional ministry for 30 years they decided to step out on faith and do ministry in a different way.  Their new ministry is focused on developing a house church model that is easy to imitate, inexpensive and transformational.  They currently live in Clemson, South Carolina where they are working to develop this model, train others and provide resources for those interested in planting churches in this way.



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