"Transformative Online Gatherings"

In recent weeks we have all been faced with a new reality. Gatherings of large groups are a "no-no" and will not be occurring for at least the next several weeks, if not the next few months. In this time period I have become very grateful for the efforts of many to provide online sermons, classes and devotionals to "feed the flock." These tools are very useful and certainly provide comfort, needed direction and encouragement. The new reality we are facing also affords us the opportunity to explore other pathways to accomplish our common goal of helping one another be transformed into the image of Jesus. We are very fortunate that modern technology provides many of us with the opportunity

"The Importance of Joy"

I find it very significant that on the last night of His life Jesus talked a lot about joy. Not exactly the topic you would expect from somebody about to be tortured and killed. Is that what I would talk about in those circumstances? I really doubt it. I find that when I am facing difficulties and challenges I have a tendency to be consumed by them and tend not to find relief until they are over. I also find that I easily become self-focused and do not think very much about the people around me. I look more like a guy terrified of flying that is "white-knuckling" it until the plane lands. However, consider the following quotes from Jesus on that very night: John 15:11-"I have told yo

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